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Tallahassee Good Life Village will be a state-of-the-art next-generation Senior Living Community created to provide the oldest sector of our population (80+ yrs.) an upbeat lifestyle promoting independence and optimism. The objective of a Masterpiece Living community is to apply the latest academic research to the aging process to improve and maintain a healthy life style for seniors as they age.

Tallahassee Good Life Village is planned to be a 130 unit Senior Care community. The community is expected to include approximately 52 Independent Living units, 48 Assisted Living units and 30 Memory Care units. For more information, please contact

Good Life’s employs the Masterpiece Living core philosophy to empower its residents with the necessary resources to remain as independent, active, and engaged in life as possible allowing seniors to retain purpose for as long as possible regardless of their age or current disability. This follows the core principles of Successful Aging.